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Monday, December 2, 2013

Thoughts On December

So it's December, the magical month. Unfortunately, some people feel sad at this time. Maybe they've not got any family to speak of or maybe someone in their family died around Christmas time.

I know someone like that and have decided to stop trying to get him to enjoy the Christmas spirit. Of course, I didn't know until this year that both his parent died at Christmas time. He'll only have to deal with one present from me this year.

One of the good things about living downtown is that, if you are alone, there are restaurants open on Christmas day to serve you turkey. These establishments are run by Muslims, who, of course, don't celebrate Christmas. They've found a good niche for themselves on that day as a lot of disenfranchised and lonely people come to their restaurants and stores to eat.

It's nice to go out on Christmas day and see large numbers of people enjoying themselves with other people. So if you want to hear a dis against Muslim, you won't get it here. I find they fit in well and are mostly peaceful.

By the way, while I'm on the subject, it's the Fundamentalists who are violent and crazy and that includes Christian fundamentalists who shoot abortionists and others who would be best dealt with through legal means. I mean, the way to deal with someone you curse as a murderer is to murder him? Nuts.

And we have lots of snow so I'm having fun walking around and I have some extra money this year so I'm buying things for myself. Not what I need, but what I want. Like cool shoes and a pendant. So far December has been good. I only hope the next 29 days are just as good.

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  1. My mother never celebrated Christmas because she said her father died around Christmas when she was a little girl. As an adult I researched this and found out my grandfather dies in June.