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Saturday, July 28, 2012


It's hard to be a human sometimes. I lived in a place called Pestalosie College when I was in my twenties. There were ten rooms to a section and in my section was a man with a mental disorder. Now, I didn't mind his loud sermons about 'Jesus lives in the toilet.' His screams didn't bother me. I've been blessed with being a heavy sleeper so he never kept me awake.

The others in my section were not so lucky. Oh, they complained and gave him trouble. "Hey, Markie, there's no one in the bathroom. I think Jesus stepped out." And Markie would rage.

I always tried to be nice to Markie and I found him to be a very sweet person, he just had that problem. Anyway, came the day when Markie moved out. Now every time I saw his room, I wondered where he slept. He had boxes that rose all the way to the ceiling and there was only a foot wide path. I don't know where he sat or if there was a path to the bed. These rooms were only about 4 foot by 11 foot so how he got all that stuff in there was a mystery to me.

He came by my room time after time that day with load upon load. "You're the only nice person here. "He said to me. "I hope you have better luck with this place than I had." And then he was gone and I've never heard from him since.

I guess my point is, I don't think he would have been yelling so much if the other people had been decent to him. My feeling is that the abuse or persecution of the mentally ill is what makes their illness so troublesome to others. They have no one to talk to and are so isolated that they just scream.

A lot of people will say, 'Well, those kind of people, why should we be nice?" But really, although I understand that they can be bothersome to light sleepers, I think there is a bigger reason to be nice, especially to small children who manifest mental illness. It's because we should let them be human. It's because the human race is worth treating well. It's also because everyone can do more than what they think they can and I believe when a mentally ill person can go to work and know that his co-workers will accept him or her. Then they'll be productive people, not relegated to poverty.

I just think the human race is worth the chance.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Amy Bradley

I'm a big TV watcher and I like crime shows. One thing that's best about them is that they put a lot of emphasis on the victim, who he or she was and what their families are feeling. I watch so many that they all fade into the background but once in a while, one sticks in my mind.

Amy Bradley.

She was a young woman on her way up with an exciting job waiting for her. She would have started it in less than a month. Her mother and father and brother went on a cruise. I will not name the cruise line. She struck up several light friendships on the ship.

One night the three other members of her family were all in bed. She was on the verandah and she stepped out of her stateroom to have a cigarette. She's never been seen again. Her family was convinced that she was secreted on the ship and demanded a search. The cruise line gave a cursory search and declared she was not on board and had probably committed suicide. No one in her family believes that. Her future was bright.

Years pass. Someone looking for her happened upon a prostitution site from the Caribbean. There she was but greatly changed. Her eyes held the tormented look that only a person in slavery can have. She was being sold to men vacationing in the Caribbean and several people have talked to her.

Neither the US government or the Caribbean nation will do anything to rescue her. She's been a slave for over ten years now, probably being moved about from place to place.

I was greatly disturbed at this story and felt like I wished I could do something, then I thought: her family is saying they want to keep looking for Amy and keep the story in the public eye. So I will put up the link for the website they set up and if you want to help keep this story in the public eye, could you Recommend on Google? That way more people will read about her and maybe be able to help. The Recommend on Google comes right at the bottom of the post. Thanks all.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Beauty Beast

It's just a fact of nature that women want to be beautiful. But I do think that we've gone a bit too far in this age. I don't know who set the standards for what is beautiful, I suppose all cultures have their standard, but in a world where there are all types of people, I don't see why there is one standard for beauty.

Whenever I meet women who are trying to conform, I like to ask them a question. If the genetic doctors could come up with a shot that would make your baby look exactly like Angelina Jolie, would you take it? How about a room full of pregnant women. Would they want all their daughters to look exactly the same? Carbon copy babies. The answer is always no. They want to see their baby, what she will look like and will love her just the way she is.

So why, I ask, don't you want that for yourself? Why do you want fuller lips, bigger eyes? Don't you want to look like yourself, a combination of your mother and father? What's wrong with a flat chest anyway? Who said it couldn't be beautiful?

Who is that masked man who is setting these standards?

I have seen women I think are beautiful with big, crooked noses or really tall women that were quite striking. What's wrong with unconventional beauty?

I guess I'm asking a  lot of questions but I don't know how it came to be that straight noses, thin legs, big hair and boobs became THE ONLY way to be beautiful. A world where everyone is a carbon copy of Angelina Jolie? Not that I don't like her or her movies, but, no thanks, I just want to be the way I am.

The Mountain City Bronzes at MuseItUp Publishing

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Author Marketing Club

The Author Marketing Club is a new find of mine. It is a site which seeks to help authors promote their books. I have signed up for it for new ideas on how to promote The Mountain City Bronzes.

I think for authors, especially e-book authors, there is never enough or too much promotion. A traditional book promotion, author readings, reach only people in the town or city where it takes place and many traditional authors have war stories about their author readings. Don't get me wrong. I would do that if offered to me, but when you promote online, you know that the places you promote there are people going to that site especially for that reason.

So I think to get the word out about The Author Marketing Club is a good idea, you can visit or join and get e-mails with titles of e-books in them.

I think it works better than even TV promoting. Sometimes you see Tom Clancy or James Patterson books in ads but unless you're a name TV wouldn't work too well for e-books. Nobody would remember the sites to buy the book or probably even the title. Online, this link is right there.

I like reaching out to many different people. I'm eternally interested in people and what they think and how they came be what they think and the cultures. Even if some people seem strange or repulsive, like when you hear about Chinese cannibalizing their enemies in the Cultural Revolution, it still is worth is to come to conclusions about how and why people do the things they do.

Here is the link to The Author Marketing Club