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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Small-Hipped Mother

I know the Bible says that women shall give birth in pain but I wonder if there isn't another reason for the birth suffering that has taken place throughout Western history.
After all, one of the first things Europeans noticed about Native women was the fact that they didn't have trouble in childbirth.

Pain was minimal for the First Peoples. I was watching a TV show about Amazonian Indians and noticed that the women were all big hipped and long pelvised and I thought of beauty standards.

Maybe other women have troubles because men have chosen small hips as a desirable trait. Women, of course, want to be beautiful to men but it seems in the Western world all they think of is their role as paramour. Western womens prime focus is on being sexy and motherhood in their view, is second or even not thought of.

I know that Native peoples are very respectful of motherhood and it made me wonder if the Native women were big hipped because the men think that that trait would make them good mothers. At least not mothers dying in childbirth.

Well, we can't help what we look but I'm thinking that thousands of years of choosing mates for sex only hasn't been detrimental to women in the birthing department. I know European peasant men often chose women with big hips just for the reason that they wouldn't have trouble giving birth so I know I'm not the only one who thinks this.

People will do what they will do though and Western women just want to be sexy and when they think of themselves it isn't as mothers even though they're going to be spending a lot of their lives as mothers so I suppose we're always going to be spending days in the maternity wards while the Natives just pant a bit, then crouch and whoosh - baby.

Monday, February 10, 2014


There's nothing like the Olympics to engage a person's watching abilities. I'm really excited by this one in Sochi. For the first time in my life, Canada is beating the Americans. Now, I don't have anything against the USA. They have great athletes and are willing to pay them what they need to achieve. Canada has not been so generous.

I'm watching the television by five o'clock AM each morning (with the sound off so I can write) and this morning I was rewarded by seeing Charles Hamelin speed skate away with the gold. I can't imagine being so good at sports.

I have a left knee that isn't really a knee anymore. The patella floats freely as the piece it sets in is gone. I can't do any bending exercises. I also have scoliosis. So that causes some troubles, too.

I do want to do something, though, but I just can't figure out what. It's another thing the Olympics puts into your head. The idea that you should get off your butt and exercise. I have wondered about kayaking. But there's my scoliosis. Walking is good as long as it's not up and down. (knee)

Anyway, I love the Olympics and wish I has enough money to go to these places they have them. Sochi, Russia sounds like a marvelous place and when I was watching the moguls (Canada won Gold and Silver) I noticed those mountains. You can also see them in the skiing. What a lovely thing to look at.

Someday, I'll get there. It'll be as a broken-down unhealthy wreck, but I will be in person at some winter Olympics someday.