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Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Shopping

So I did my shopping early and had it all done, forgot to send out my cards, though, so I'm mailing them tomorrow. Back to shopping. I said I HAD it all done. I've undone it because I went to the Dollar Store and bought a lot of little chocolate and gingerbread snacks that were all wrapped up Christmassy-like.

Well, don't buy treaties early. I couldn't sleep one night and opened them all up and ate them. And I'm trying to lose weight. As an aside, I've just lost 1.5 pounds since last weight-in.

Now I have to buy all those treaties again and not eat them until December 25th. Still, I'm doing better than some people. My brother doesn't shop until December 24th. He spends a lot of fore-time deciding what to get and then just races around getting it all. I have  no idea who wraps at his house.

My last Christmas shopping idea is that I've stopped sending things through the mail. My brother doesn't bother with snail mail, the same for my sister's grandson and family. I've even begun wondering whether I should stop sending cards.

All the younger people send e-mails and digital cards and so many of my older friends are dying. My step-mom just died on October 4th and earlier years have seen other cousins and aunts passing. I have a smaller list and often the news included is someone has cancer. It's so sad. But I do like to keep in touch so I guess I'll exchange cards with the few that's left.

Good shopping and Merry Christmas.


  1. We don't receive nearly as many cards as we used to, but they're still appreciated when they arrive in the mail. Take care.

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