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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Algonquin Park Part II

In the morning, I cleaned up the mess left by the raccoon. I went down the path past the outhouse to where I had hung my food. I was rather proud of the way, without ever having done so before, I had been able to throw the rope over a branch way up. I was certain  no bears could get me food. Remember, never get between a bear and it's food, and your food is it's food.

I made a breakfast and sat around enjoying the outdoors. Some people came along. Two adults and one boy. He told me that there were no bears in this area because the lake was at the bottom of an incline and bears can't move down an incline. I actually believed him then, but I'm not sure I do now.

I found I liked cooking over an open fire and I like washing dishes in the lake. Sometime around lunch, a very English voice said, "Hello." I turned to see a young woman, out on the trail alone like I was. She said she was walking the loop and would I like to join her. I did. We went the loop and then I suggested going to Faya Lake to eat lunch. We went down and sat in the sand at the lake and watched the water. We talked, I told her about Tom Thomson, the most famous visitor to the park, who was rumored to be still buried in the park. She said she would go see his cairn if she could. Then she snapped my photo. I like the thought of being someone's story. When she got home she would show this photo and say, "This was a girl I met in the park."

Well, that's all for now. I'll get back to it later.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Time Off

Haven't blogged for a couple of months, just taking time off. My flash fiction piece is in June's Apollo's Lyre. It titled, 'The Corner Restaurant'. Even if you don't want to read my story, you might wish to give the e-zine a try. Come November, I will be in Montreal for the MuseItUp writers conference. We will be signing bookmarks and will be available to meet the public. I will tell you where we will be in a later blog, nearer to the time.
I won an honorable mention certificate in a poetry contest and waited to receive my certificate, over a month later, it arrived. It was stamped: missent to India. Well, at least I got it. See you all later.