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Friday, October 25, 2013

Shopping Addiction

I've been looking at online shopping. I'm always searching through my favorite site for the right size, the right price. The problem is, the bill comes every month. Now, I'm not unable to pay my rent or buy food but my credit card bill is a little high this month. Almost $200.00.

But I just like the stuff I get so much, the deals of 80% off, where I can get something that costs $300.00 for $39.99.

To be fair to myself, it's not just online shopping. I'm a voracious window shopper and if I find a great store, I go back time and time again. Like the coat store at Carlingwood Mall.
Twice a year, every year, after summer and after winter, they sell all sorts of expensive coats for about $20.00 or a little more.

That means people looking at me on the street think I have a lot of money. I like to tell them that people on limited incomes could go there and get great stuff. Some people don't even believe me. No, they think I have money.

I know so many stores where there are great deals to be had. There's jewelry store right downtown where they have sold sapphire bracelets (not to me) for $100.00.

Maybe that's why I like to shop. Why a lot of women like to shop. I tend to put that down to hunter/gathering when women searched through the landscape for good stuff for their families. So I'm just doing what I've evolved for, I guess.

Anyway, I don't intend for my window shopping/bargain hunting to stop anytime soon, but as soon as I pay this $200.00, I'm going to be more careful

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  1. The problem with being a compulsive shopper is that the joy and satisfaction of making these purchases doesn't outlast the reality of paying for stuff you probably don't need. I used to be a compulsive shopper but now I realize there's really very little I want or need.