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Monday, November 4, 2013

Which Package Is Whole?

The whole package.

How many times have you heard that said about a woman. It means she has 1. A beautiful face 2. A gorgeous figure 3. Brains.

But wait. Is that all there is to a woman, just those three things? What about a heart? What about patience? Or bravery? And the thing is, these are what women say about women.

Men don't really care about face. All sorts of plain women have husbands who treasure them. Men don't care if their girlfriends or wives are chubby. Nope. It's all coming from women. And of course, men don't care if they're smarter than their women.

So why are women limiting each other to those three things? Maybe it's what they want for themselves that they think can make them successful. Like a supermodel or something.

Just to prove a point. Think of applying the term, the whole package, to a man. What traits would a male whole package have. I bet that he has a lot more leeway than three traits, two of them, luck of the draw, so to speak.

But is this an insult? Probably not. It does prove, I think, that women limit themselves and tragically, limit each other. I had an inkling of that when I was in painting and any girl with a lot of talent but no 'female' instincts, like going out for lunch after an hour of painting, was not supported by the women in the school.

Women are afraid to step out of their safety zone, I think. They want to be assured that they will still be worth loving if they do something like mechanics. That's why, whenever I've found women in men's professions, like welding, it's because their boyfriend decided to teach them and bring them into the business.

All the women's lib screeching about wages and such doesn't make any impression on women who are more worried about being lovable. I'm just writing about this because I think women have some thinking to do. Instead of just doing what men do in a feminine way, maybe they should think about what makes a woman happy.

I'm not saying that a women can't work, just that most women are happy when they're taking care of somebody and they should make sure of their happiness before they go out and try to be successful.

Maybe then they'd have a more reasonable idea of what kind of traits a woman needs, not just what they think will make them able to compete with a man in a different way. The face to attract them. The body to make them helpless and the brains to outsmart them.

Not reasonable at all. It's time to decide who we are and what really make us happy.


  1. I think personality is the most important quality for anyone to have "the whole package."

  2. Yay, Stephen! It's true we have so much more pressure on ourselves to be so much more.