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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Slavery, The Human Evil

Recently I overheard a man in a coffee shop say to his friend that a woman kept as a sex slave would make a good wife. I was shocked at this and wondered if this man thought that marrying a woman who was broken into complying with every demand, was a favor to her. It seems cruel and unthinking that this man would want this kind of suffering around him. Yet I find, for a lot of people in Ottawa, the idea of one person being kept by another is not repugnant, but fit punishment for stupidity.

I have heard many people talk of opening up work camps up north for welfare recipients. So that they can work instead of sitting around. There is no thought that this would be slave labor and a step backwards in progress.

I remember one guy at the library complaining about human rights people because they supported the mentally ill being out and about.

All these things are, in my opinion, the result of people being spoiled and not even knowing what it's like to suffer. It seems the more people have, the less they want to be generous to people. I think in the Depression, in the 30s, people would help when they could, they knew about suffering and they knew what it was like to go without something they needed.

People today think concert tickets are a necessity.

I'm a bit worried about the benign evil I see everywhere growing in Canada. From remarks that the Jews were stupid (relating to concentration camps) to the fun men have fighting with whores, it's like we've become a race of the fallen. I, for one, worry about this and hope that with education and a little less, maybe people can learn how to feel again for others. It IS time we brought back the Golden Rule.

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  1. Madeleine, you're right about this being a disturbing turn that society has taken. Do you realized that the people who are now teaching our children (and in my case, grandchildren), who are producing children's tv shows and writing children's books (think farting dogs)grew up with this selfish attitude? They've never even heard of the Golden Rule.