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Friday, March 23, 2012

Early Spring

Well, it's only March and for the last week we've had temperatures near to 90 Fahrenheit or about 30 Celsius. Personally, this has made me quite happy as I can walk around without my coat and feel the breezes. It's so much easier to get around on my chores when I'm not encumbered by long, thick sleeves.

This weather is here to stay and for the first time ever, the beaches will be open in April. I know some people have already been but just to sit on the sand. Once in a long while I go to the beach in Ottawa because I grew up by the Pacific Ocean and miss the waves and such. Of course, the beaches in Ottawa cannot compare to BC beaches where there is so much life going on right under your feet.

I remember the fun of turning over rocks and finding 'baby' crabs and picking them up so they would scurry over your palm. Some kids would see how tough they were by picking up bigger crabs, believe me, they can really hurt you with their claws. Or digging clams. I never ate them, but would dig them up and then just touch the tip of the shovel to the sand. I never could believe how fast they were able to disappear back into the sand.

To get back to Ottawa, the grass is becoming green at a time where years past it has been smothered in snow. I find myself getting out  more to walk. Another fun thing is the Roll Up To Win contest that Tim Hortons has on, they have it at least twice a year. You buy a coffee and when you've drunk it, you roll up the rim of the cup and if it says Win/Coffee you win a free coffee, they also have cameras and sometimes bikes and always about 40 cars that you can win. I've never won a car and I was actually hoping to this time because my room mate needs a new car. He's getting the money to buy one but a free one is better.

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So, I'll let you all go and go outside in the sun and hope you all have good weather coming.

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  1. Hi Madeliene, nothing beats a beautiful spring.

    Hope you win a car.