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Friday, March 30, 2012

One Of Those Days

It's like that sometimes for a writer. You sit down to write and nothing comes. Oh, it's not that you're not eager, it's not that there isn't work to do. It's just that you can't figure out what to change and where to go. Today was that day for me.

I got my computer all ready but nothing would come and I felt like I'd been let down by myself. I worried about it all day and then after supper got back to it...and was able to write a bit. At least I realize now what direction I must go in for my story.

So I'm happy now and planning to write again (I'm writing out a synopsis) and I  plan to have at least a third of my story written out by the time I go to bed. I also find it funny how you never really know what part of the knowledge that you gather in life is going to be of use when you write. I read all sorts of history and animal and such, just because I have a craving for knowing.

I have found a great site, which has all free e-books. Most or all of these are out of print in regular books and are part of the Gutenberg project. Sarah Bernhardts autobiography along with the memoir of Vizetelly document the war of 1977 and the siege of Paris. Before I read them I never even knew of this part of history. The only thing I don't like about my e-reader is that I have to re-charge it.

But back to my writing, I didn't mean to stray, I have hopes to have one book finished by end of April, at least the first write and the synopsis in the same amount of time.

Just a day in the life of a writer, and I'm sure everybody has those days. Just think of a day at the office where you can't get started because someone is sick or there is a file missing. It's like when I was in school and for some reason, some days went past so fast and other days dragged and it was always the same for everybody. I don't really know, but I suspect these things are biological and react with the weather or maybe the magnetic lines of the earth. You just have to know how to react yourself to bring out the work that you need to do. In my case, I left it for a couple of hours and then came back, some work right through it or go to the phone book and pick a name and write about that name.

It's all good. Cheers.

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