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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Post-Halloween, Pre-Christmas

November. I can't remember much going on for this month. Lately, there's been Movember where men grow moustaches, but of course, I can't do that.

I try to think back to when I was a kid to remember what I thought about November then. After Halloween, Thanksgiving (Canadian) and my brother's birthday in October, there's not much. I just had to last until December when the really good stuff begins.

Ten days off from school, prezzies, the tree and lights and dinner with grandma and grandpa and any other family present in White Rock for the season.

So what's to look forward to in November for Canadians who don't have Thanksgiving that month?

Well, there's the weather. It's not too cold. It's not too snowy. Just enough to get kids going with the snowplay. For winter athletes it's a great time, skating, skiing, snowmobiling.

I never did any of those when I was a kid. But there was the fun of going to the beach. Okay it was cold. But the waves were much bigger in winter and it could be lots of fun.

I guess I see November as a preparation month. Preparing for winter play, preparing for a great holiday. All the same, I'm glad it's almost over for another year.

Oh, and one last thing, Captivating Tales is a 6-in-1 tween/Young Adult book package of over 1000 pages for $1.99 for Black Friday until December 2nd. So that's one good thing for me this year.

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  1. Happy Movember. I'm glad to hear you can't grow a mustache.