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Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year.

So at the beginning of 2014 I can think back and realize that I've never made a New Year's resolution. To tell the truth, I've only ever seen New Years as a great holiday, not anything important, just another day.

This year, though, I find I'm really hepped up about this new year and I'm hoping for great things. I just feel things are going to be great this year.

I think that I won't make a resolution exactly. I'm thinking of how I would raise a kid if I had one. Well, one thing, instead of watching tv or playing video games, I would have my child study languages but in a way which is fun for the kid, not a challenge.

In Canada, whenever a student studies, it's common for said student to say at the end, 'my brain hurts'. I think it's a shame that Canadian pupils have this attitude towards learning. That they have to cram and eat tuna sandwiches or swallow vitamin e tablets.

I would want to teach my kid that any learning is part of life and doesn't have to have a stigma of 'smart or stupid' attached to it. That it's enjoyable to learn.

I only mention this because I've decided that that's the way I will change my own life. I will buckle down and study languages like I've wanted to do ever since I was a child.

So I'm going to change my life, not as a resolution but as a lifestyle improvement.
Happy New Year to you all.

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  1. Good luck learning new languages. That's an admirable goal and I applaud you. Take care and Happy New Year.