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Friday, February 22, 2013

February Shopping

February is almost over. This year, I'm glad of that, even if February is my favorite month. That's because my birthday is on Ground Hog's Day at the start of the month.

I do a little thing each year to celebrate my day. I spend money to buy myself things I want, not need. I just came home from shopping for books. I got the Canadian Writer's Market and another writing book plus a language book of Russian for fun.

Earlier this month, I went to another mall and bought a Silurian era ammonite fossil. I was quite thrilled to find a place one could buy fossils. They're mostly from Morocco. I also got some sandals for summer.

But I've finished spending money for a while, as I'm on a medically supervised diet, I don't eat out anymore, so there's no more money gone on subs and steaks. And I've given up scratch and wins as a waste of money. So I have plenty to spend on myself in February.

March is time to save. I want to get some money to go somewhere in April. There is a place in Ontario named Grisby where the birds come and soar on the down drafts off the Niagara Escarpment. I've planned to go 'some day' but for the last couple of years we either didn't have the money or the time. So I'm hoping for this year.

At least I'll have something to read on the way.


  1. I hope you manage that trip in April. And happy belated birthday.

  2. I'll cross my fingers for you. Sounds like a great place to visit :)

    1. Thanks. I'm looking forward to it. If we can go.