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Monday, December 10, 2012

Today's Women

How much easier technology has made life. Even if I don't understand it. That goes for young people, too, who let loose a string of tech-words that I can't follow. It's like an older cousin of mine once said, "They forget that older people have no idea what they're talking about." She was buying her first cell phone at 77 years young.

And it's funny how sexist they show you to be. When I was buying a cell phone charger meant to be used in the car cigarette lighter, I found myself disappointed that there was no man on duty in the store.

When I was younger, it was, 'ask a man' because they knew and women, in general, didn't know. Anyway, a girl it was and I went up reluctantly to ask my question. Well, she knew so much it left my gasping. Of course, I didn't understand one thing she said. Something about Nokia. What's that?

Anyway, I got my charger. It was a Christmas present for my room mate. He still uses it. And I make sure I don't underestimate women anymore.

It's so easy to do, right? Because when I was young, because I went out to work as a gardener, or non-traditional job, some people considered me extraordinary. Older women who had always worked and had given up the chance to marry and have children would say to me, "It's great you do this, most girls are too lazy."

In the old days, there was a definite anti-woman bias in everyone's mind and mouth. I know some say that hip-hop culture is anti-woman with it's 'bros before hoes' attitude, but the young women have so much confidence they don't really need to foster any through 'sisterhood'. They're doing well, thank you very much.

I like the way they get respect for themselves instead of through their men, even if I don't like the ignorance most women have about what our system is all about. They're too willing to listen to show-biz media and 'learn' from special people to understand common life. In my opinion.

But it will work itself out and when they're my age, they'll be looking at a whole new game that's come after them. I do wonder what it will be and what will they think of it?

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