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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Music

I love Christmas carols. But I find I have what might be a strange predilection, and that is, I don't like music from known singers. No Celine Dion sings O Holy Night. I don't like knowing who the singers are and I like choirs.

I don't know when this trait developed. As a child, my mother had A Christmas Sing With Bing and I often listened to the legendary Bing Crosby croon his Christmas spirit in music. Mom would always tell us the story of when she worked at the Hotel Vancouver and Bing Crosby, who liked to fish in BC walked in looking like something dragged in by the cat.

The clerk politely informed the 'bum' that there were no rooms available. He left. Someone came up to the clerk. "Do you know who that is?" Well, the clerk went running after him, apologized and Bing laughed at the situation. Mom liked Bing Crosby.

Anyway, rock n' roll Christmas music I used to love but now it's too loud, too cute. Ah, what a disorder. The only exception is Elvis's Blue Christmas which I do still love.

But now I just buy the choir music, which is nice and relax, no dancing to Christmas, just hearing the thoughts of composers about Jesus, God and how we all need to have the Christmas spirit.

I hope I never lose the ability to enjoy choir music. It's beautiful and peaceful, like I think Christmas should be and it helps me celebrate the season in my own way. But of course, those who like famous singers will love to hear their voices and I respect their choice.

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  1. I need to make room for music in my life this coming year. That's what New Years resolutions are for, right?