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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sex And Exploitation

If there's one thing that's true in any capitalist country, is that there's a lot of exploitation. The guy bagging groceries at your neighbourhood grocery store is being exploited, really badly, in most cases. I only mention this because I cringe every time I hear feminists complaining that strippers and nude models are being exploited by the male patriarchal society. I mean, as far as strippers and models go: Men like to look. That's just nature. It will always be so, even in one thousand years from now. In fact, it's the women who say. "I may as well make money from it." It's the women who are getting high incomes from man's natural urge to look at women. It's deal. I will show you all of this: Legs. And some of this: Use your imagination. And women have always done it. So that's the way women exploit man's natural urges. Now for the other side. Women like to hear things. Pretty words. "You're the most beautiful girl." That also nature because women have a need to hear nice things to feel good about a man. And unlike men, who can sleep with a women they don't care about, or even dislike. A woman needs to like a man. I need not tell anyone that men will say anything to get a girl. Therefore men can exploit women's nature, too. But isn't that really just part of it? Isn't it just that young people have a lot of hormonal urges? And when they fall in love they leave all that behind. Well, a lot do. Some don't, there's always cheaters on both sides. So, I just thought I'd let off a bit of steam about feminists misunderstandings, as I see it, about what goes on in people's minds. I just don't see it as that bad. The guy at the grocery store makes a lot less than the girls.

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  1. Last Christmas, we went to Barbados. There was this young woman on the deck of the pool wearing only a G-string. Her mother was sunbathing right beside her. Well, after an hour, this young woman got up, wrapped herself very carefully in a towel to hide her nakedness as she walked across the deck. I thought, "What's the difference? You just lay there naked for a whole hour, and now you cover yourself to walk across the deck?" Personally, I think society has sexually exploited women in the name of fashion and so many of these women just can't see it because they want to be admired.