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Friday, July 18, 2014

Let's Not Tolerate Intolerance

I know I've ranted about this before but it seems to me all to prevalent to ignore. I'm talking about people who seem to think the way to solve social problems is to deny the 'trouble-people' their rights.

I hear this most frequently about welfare people and petty criminals. Now I don't have any sympathy for criminals but when people talk about 'making them give to society' by forcing them to labor for free on farms, I have to protest.

Why not give good people jobs on farms? Why do they want Canada to be a country where there is slave labour. You can't convince these people that their thoughts are misapplied, they think they'd be benefiting society.

Now as for welfare people, there's always complaints. But it is a RIGHT in Canada to be on welfare if you need it. Let's take a look at a couple of the complaints.

One. "I don't mind paying my taxes for someone who works." Do these people really want a country where people only pay for what they want to? Suppose I don't want to pay for smokers? Don't these people see that any of their arguments could be turned against them? We all pay for each other so no one bears the brunt of the whole bill.

Two. Some of these people are able bodied, why aren't they working. Why should I support them? Well, some people run into trouble and need to be on welfare for a couple of months. And the truth is, a lot of people hate being on welfare and can hardly wait until they get a paying job and don't have to live in poverty anymore.

That's just a couple of rants and I'm glad I could get it off my chest. I just want to say further that the more we accept people even if they're sick, like fetal alcohol syndrome, or just psychologically unable to fend for themselves, the easier it would be to see that they're people, not garbage, and let them have the space to recover from whatever ails them.


  1. Here in the States taxpayers pay for convicts to appeal their cases, as well as for obtaining law degrees. I don't believe in slave labor but there are many people who'd like a free college education. I say convicts should work in prisons if they want these "perks." No one forces convicts to get degrees.

  2. I actually agree with you on that one. Some people live very well in prison at everyone's expense. I also think that if they steal money they should have to pay it back as part of their sentence.

  3. How thoughtful of you, Madeleine. I'm seriously repeled by the thought of slave labour. I'm glad you're standing up for them, even by something as simple as ranting about the situation on your blog. I wouldn't mind paying taxes for someone who would likely contribute to our society either. I really hope more people get to read your blog, and understand your opinion. All the best! :)

    Norma Schneider @ Mash Accounting

    1. Thanks so much, I'm appreciative of your support. Thanks for reading and commenting.