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Friday, May 16, 2014

Mall Music

This might just be a terrible confession, the kind to turn all against me, but I have to say it. I hate songs. Not all the times. I realize there are many great songs and lyrics but I mean, I hate going into a mall or restaurant and hearing some pop song. It's like being tortured.

Anyone who worked during the eighties should remember when they pumped musack throughout the workspace and how everyone suffered, not being able to shut it off.

That's how I feel when I go to the mall and hear Joe Popstar being blared at me.

Now before you think I'm anti-music, I will say that I would love to hear any kind of music, no lyrics, when I'm sitting there or shopping. For some reason, taking away the lyrics decreases the songs power to annoy (for me).

But one place I do love music is on television. Especially background music. Scene: two male guppies pressing their mouths together, spinning around and around. Music: thumping, heart-beating war music.

It's great. Otherwise, it would just be two tiny fish and, so what that they fight. The music makes all the difference. Music is such a mood lifter that I'm happy to watch tv and feel whatever the music wants me to feel. It just adds so much to any program.

Now if malls and shops would only switch over to instrumentals I would be really happy at the mall.

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  1. You must be shopping at malls very different from those where I shop. Music yes, but I'm not hearing lyrics at the mall.