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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cold Ottawa

It's cold in Ottawa. Well, not too cold. I wore a dress out today with no coat, but the wind was blowing and some people were chilled. I'm only saying this because we haven't had much luck with our weather this spring. Lots of rain (all this week) and lots of cold.

On this last weekend, I was in Smith's Falls visiting a friend of mine. We went out to Perth to take a look at the Maple Festival they have there. I enjoyed it, but it rained and was so cold. My sweater-coat was soaked. Thankfully, the skies quit spitting at us and the last part of the festival was nice.

There was lots of maple syrup there. In big $65.00 jugs and small pints. I didn't buy any. I bought a homemade whole wheat bread to support Perth's library and some cookies. All the booths were interesting and some farm brought two alpacas with them. So cute.

The best part was when I came home and looked up my stats (ranking) on amazon. I had gone up. This is due to a site named goodkindles, I'm including a link at the bottom for you to look at if you wish.

It only goes to show that when you stay home all the time, things don't happen, you have to get out and walk around and relax. At least, I'll treat that like it's true from  now on.


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