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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Leopard Spot Shoes

I enjoyed this winter, even if it was a 'bad' one. Meaning that there was so much snow fallen that it couldn't be cleaned up until it was almost critical.

Today, however, with it's warm winds and melting snow has made me wish for spring and nicer weather. It's not that I'm exactly sick of snow, it's just that I'm ready for something else.

Besides, I want to wear my new shoes. At the beginning of winter I bought some casual shoes. They have cowhide that is made to seem like leopard spots. They're big and strong shoes and I'd love to try them out. I have just a little fear that they might be so stiff I won't be able to walk but they should break in nicely.

Speaking of shoes, I did a dummy thing. I saw a great pair of shoes online and bought them. What's so dumb? Well, I totally ignored the fact that I can't wear heels too high because my calves cramp up.

It's really painful but it's something I've learned to avoid by not pointing my toes and tightening my calf muscles and the same time. Guess what these shoes do? Right. So I can't wear them but never mind, they're a work of art. I'll just keep them.

I said I bought them but actually I was given a $20 coupon and they cost less than that so I didn't pay anything. Why not spend on something I can use? Well, I had to use it for a certain time and there was nothing else I wanted. These shoes might come in handy some day.

But one thing is for certain. I'm going to enjoy my leopard shoes a lot.

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  1. Where are pictures of you wearing these shoes. I bet you look great!