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Monday, November 19, 2012

Strong Childhood

I was very strong when I was in grade school. Before grade one, I had a friend named Randy, after we began school, he never talked to girls. Later, when we were older, I had another friend named Karen. We met up with him once because he liked Karen and his idea of liking was to wrestle.

Karen always lost. She told me, "When you lose, you win."

But I didn't want to lose. I threw him on his back and held him down. I won. He started calling me Goliath and told all boys in school about me. I'd already had trouble with them because I could beat them all at arm wrestling.

The thing I can't figure out is, when I began junior high, I lost all my strength. I couldn't beat anyone at anything. I don't know why that happened with the women. The men, of course, get stronger, but the women, I just don't know why I've been such a weakling since then.

Even today, skinny, skinny girls are stronger than me.

It did teach me something and that is not to rely on anything you have because it can be lost. I don't think I was a violent person to start with but it was definitely something to get used to.

So I guess I'll just be a wimpy or wuss but at least I'm not involved in any of the fights that I see on TV between the young people.

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