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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


It has been known for centuries that sometimes drinking certain water will cure some diseases. For instance, the Ganges has been used to cure cholera.

The reason for this was not known until just around WWI when a researcher found bacteriophages. Unfortunately, his research was halted by the war and lack of funding. The next the medical world heard of bacteriophages was when Felix D'Herelle did his best to make them common knowledge.

The research and use of bacteriophages was taken over by the French and most especially by George Eliava of Georgia in the former Soviet Union.

In fact, Georgia is one of the few places where suffers can get this treatment.

So what? Right? What the heck are bacteriophages?

They are viruses that attack bacteria and in this day of superbugs that are resistant to anti-biotics, they can be the saviours that many people need. People from all over the world travel to Georgia to the George Eliave Institute, which is first place in research and treatment.

The drawback is that Georgia does not use anesthesia and so it is very painful, they have to make a cut where the infection is and draw back the skin to expose the infection. The bacteriophages are applied directly to the bacteria infection.  I believe their cure rate is way over 90%.

Of course, a person would only need to go through this if regular antibiotics don't work. But for the future, if all the plants which antibiotics are made from are destroyed along with the rainforests where they come from, or if superbugs become extremely widespread, they may be our only chance to relieve the sufferings of humans.

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