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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Author Marketing Club

The Author Marketing Club is a new find of mine. It is a site which seeks to help authors promote their books. I have signed up for it for new ideas on how to promote The Mountain City Bronzes.

I think for authors, especially e-book authors, there is never enough or too much promotion. A traditional book promotion, author readings, reach only people in the town or city where it takes place and many traditional authors have war stories about their author readings. Don't get me wrong. I would do that if offered to me, but when you promote online, you know that the places you promote there are people going to that site especially for that reason.

So I think to get the word out about The Author Marketing Club is a good idea, you can visit or join and get e-mails with titles of e-books in them.

I think it works better than even TV promoting. Sometimes you see Tom Clancy or James Patterson books in ads but unless you're a name TV wouldn't work too well for e-books. Nobody would remember the sites to buy the book or probably even the title. Online, this link is right there.

I like reaching out to many different people. I'm eternally interested in people and what they think and how they came be what they think and the cultures. Even if some people seem strange or repulsive, like when you hear about Chinese cannibalizing their enemies in the Cultural Revolution, it still is worth is to come to conclusions about how and why people do the things they do.

Here is the link to The Author Marketing Club


  1. Thanks for passing on the information about The Author Marketing Club. With my first book releasing next month, I need all of the marketing resources I can find.

  2. Thanks for providing the link to The Author Marketing Club. I checked out the website and bookmarked it for further perusal. It looks like it may be very useful.

  3. I put it in Evernote. Thanks for sharing. Yes we do need every available resource for marketing.