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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I always like to think of the time I wanted to be a hero.

There were six of us girl, my older sister and her friend. Me and my friend, and the two girls who lived in the house we were playing at. We were there all day and around 4:30 a boy we all knew came walking up the street. We called out to him and he seemed surprised, he said, "aren't you afraid of the monster?"
We asked what monster only to be told that there was a monster who ate girls in the backyard of the house where we were. He would eat us up and then after 20 minutes our heads would pop out his stomach. He was walking around with heads on his stomach.

We were terrified, especially after he left us there to stew in our fears. I was thinking, though, of how to solve the problem and be a hero. I wanted to be the one who figured out how to get home without the monster seeing us. My sister and her friend wondered if we would have to stay overnight on the porch. They decided
to go down and see if they could see the  monster.

As they braved the danger and walked down the stairs, I felt hero-hood slipping away, I was too afraid to do anything. The smallest girl, who lived at the house, was only two and began to cry. Her mother came out and harshly said, "what are you kids doing to Sherry?" We told her about the monster. She brought her daughter into the house but we weren't allowed, she said we should be able to figure it out.

I was angry and felt betrayed, especially when Sherry began making faces at us from the front window.

My sister began to disparage the idea of a monster and how we'd been taken in by that boy. She declared we were being silly.

After a while, the older daughter was called in and it was just the four of us. The father opened the door and ordered us off his porch, I was still angry. My sister said that she didn't think there was any monster, that she wasn't afraid and that she was leaving, going home, and not afraid, her friend went with her. They were strolling down the hill when my friend said she had to go. She only had to the end of the block and then one house up, I had to go down the hill and down the block.

We ran and split and the end of the block.

I began to run down the hill and passed my sister and her friend. "I'll be home before you." I taunted, even though I knew I had found out one thing. My sister was the hero.

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