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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Teddy Bear

Hi all. It's Christmas day and I'm just waiting for my roommate to arise. We will open presents. It makes me think back to childhood and the Christmas when I was about six and we spent it at my grandparents. We stayed over from Christmas eve. When I woke and saw the tree, there was a beautiful teddy bear under it. I loved that teddy bear on sight and wondered who was lucky enough to get it.

It turned out it was for me!

I was so happy. It had a blue ribbon around it's neck and shining eyes. All day I could think of nothing except how lucky I was to get that teddy bear. I was a big collector of stuffed animals. I had so many that my brother an I called them, 'The Choir'. We used to set them up the way we saw choirs set up and sing in high piping voices all the hits we heard on the radio.

After a time, my brother became the main holder of my teddy bear. He became Superteddy and along with five other 'main' players. Supermonkey, Superhorsey, Superflower dog (a stuffed dog made from flowered material), Superdon (a dalmation piggy-bank) and Superchilipuff which was a toy I found on the beach one evening. There was no one around to claim it and I figured it would just be swept out to sea, so I took it and hoped I wasn't stealing. It had the body of a human but had embroidered eyes and wool all over it's body. I think it was real wool, too because when my dog chewed it up, I found instead of cloth, sheepskin.

Anyway, long after all the other choir members have disappeared, teddy still exists. My brother has him and his children have played with him. I know I should write 'it' but teddy was always a boy to us. He's very, very old and my niece and nephew have grown up, but I have to say, it seems that my brother was a better keeper of toys than I was. I hope teddy lasts another fifty years.

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  1. Madeleine, this brings back memories of my own Panda Bear. My cousin and I each got one the same Christmas. His was short and fat and mine was long and skinny. The four of us played and had fun together. Thanks for the memories.