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Monday, November 28, 2011

Czech Republic

Here is my second and last interview with an author who has written a book in an exotic locale. This time, I talk to Cyrus Keith who is the author of Unalive, part of the NADIA Project. You can find Unalive at the following link:    It costs just $5.95 USD. Here's what Cyrus had to say.

First, could you tell us something about yourself?
OK. I'm a large, hairy Englishman by descent and 100% unashamed American by birth. I share my back yard with half the whitetail deer population of the lower 48 states, and though I do not shoot at Bambi, I do enjoy a good venison roast.

How did you come to choose The Czech Republic as a locale for your novel?
I needed a site on the other side of the world for a secret laboratory, plain and simple. It had to be remote from the U.S. and still have access to high-tech medical knowledge without standing out so far it would give it's secret away.
I also figured that with all the changes in eastern Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall, it would be a simple matter of sneaking in with the right people and equipment, and in the confusion of change, this secret organization could be established and operating in full force before anyone who could stop them knew what was happening.

How did you come by your characters and are they based on anyone?
I only have a few Czech characters, but they're all good guys (mostly). My main characters are American, trying to unfold a grand conspiracy by a group trying to take control of world governments for their own purposes. I did my best to stay true to what I have heard about the generosity and kindness of common people, while keeping my bad guys as wicked and evil as I could, which, by the reviews I've received so far, are bery wicked and evil. Mua-ha-ha-ha!

Do you hope to visit the area you've written about?
By all means. I have heard from numerous sources that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and I would dearly love to visit there. I stole my descriptions from as many tourist websites as I could find, and I am seriously falling in love with eastern Europe in general, and Prague in particular. I want so bad to
taste the local food.

Say anything you want to say about your novel.
In the second installment of The NADIA Project, the potential stakes are raised even higher. The lab where Nadia was built is no more. But when The Pinnacle strikes back at the government agencies trying to crack its secrets, a horrible truth emerges: the evil cabal of kingmakers is still building living weapons of mass destruction somewhere on the globe.
Jon Daniels and Nadia Velasquez must find the lab and stop it before a new wave of terror erupts across the world. In order to succeed, though, they must get through The Pinnacle's most deadly weapon: Jenna Paine.
All who stand between evil and the innocent are two ancient warriors, a misfit genius, a rogue FBI agent, and a living antimatter bomb named NADIA.

It all sounds so exciting. It's all at MuseItUp Publishing.
Bye all.

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